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A country like no other
Portugal is a paradise for wine lovers to discover and cuisine. Our eight centuries of history and universal epic ...

The douro valley odyssey

A memorable experience in the enchanted valley

A day of boundless pleasure in the Douro

We invite you to come for a rare one day’s experience - an odyssey through the most bewitching moments this mythical valley has to offer. A paradise for lovers of wine and the World Heritage, the Alto Douro Region beguiles with its unique rustic charm from the past. Enthuse your guests with this unique worldwide scenario of impressive terraced vineyards that clothe the mountains in green.

A surprisingly emotional journey

Rediscover the fine art of travelling. On a cruise ship, on the serene waters of the River Douro. By jeep, climbing the hillsides to enjoy sublime views from the lofty peaks. By foot, through the remarkably terraced vineyards. And that is not all. Depending on your group, fly over the region by helicopter, go for a bicycle ride, or sign up for a challenging water adventure on the river!

In a private setting, fine cuisine and choice wines

We open the door to world-class Douro and Port wines, together with a sublime landscape, impressive history, living villages and authentic culture. Under the guidance of the owner of a wine estate, learn the secrets of wines that are praised by critics all over the world. At lunch, in the open air next to the vines, enjoy the finest cuisine in the region.
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