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Jackpot Vini Club: an original Wine Casino!

A glamorous gourmet concept

Jackpot Vini Club is an entertaining before-dinner or special occasion event that uses interesting wines and delicious delicacies to create a unique gourmet experience. It consists of an amusing assortment of games for non-specialists where everybody enjoy themselves as they test their knowledge and learn more about wine.

Taste and play…irresistible challenges!

Jackpot Vini Club recreates the atmosphere of a Casino where the gaming tables are set up with games and tasting challenges. The Croupiers are Sommeliers dressed de rigueur. Each player moves freely between the several tables to place his bets with the chips given him at the entrance. Win or lose, it’s up to you!

Discover enticing fine Portuguese wines and delicacies

Jackpot Vini Club consists of a complete range of select materials and equipment, supported by a team of professional Sommeliers. Each table displays an array of carefully structured challenges tailored for non-experts, involving fascinating features of fine wines and traditional delicacies. Enjoy the games as you taste and discover wine and food pairing, colours and aromas, flavours and so much more.
Enquire us and we will customize your program with this and so many other unique ideas!